Each and every photo below framed with essence of love from myself and my better half. Yes! I am very happy that my wife composed half of the series below, the couple was delighted and eager to see both of us capturing their pre wedding shoot.
So for the past few days, I have been very busy and didn't even sleep for straight 3 days. Yesterday I had a couple shoot, i thought i will collapse anytime, I pinged everyone I knew to help on this shoot, Since i am in very bad health condition but everyone was busy, So i decided to ask my wife to help in this shoot, On Saturday night i was in a shoot it got over by early morning 5am, I started from there and reached shore temple by 6am, Meanwhile my wife Yuganya Sudharsan packed all the cameras and lenses previous night and she was there in shore temple by 6:10 am, I was drowsy and sleepy, she walked throughout the shore temple and composed several photos and started shooting, She was very strict with the couple dressing and accessories, She told me one thing, don't try too hard, just talk to them and frame it simple. 

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